While employed at Uncommon Dialogue Films, Ryan co-wrote four feature-length scripts, six full treatments and loglines for twelve movies and television shows.

Ryan’s online writing credits include: AchieveNerdvana, Palm Springs Guides, Playstation Gamer Advisory Panel, Nerdbunker e-Zine.

His monthly columns, “News With a View” and “Gearbag Reviews” were featured in Paintball Sports Magazine until it’s unfortunate demise in July, 2009.


Paintball Sports Magazine’s “News With a View” (Feb, 2009)

Blog Article for AchieveNerdvana.com,  “Stop the Static”

E-Zine Article for NerdBunker, “Vin Diesel is a NERD?!”

Animated Movie Script (Excerpt) for Uncommon Dialogue Films, “GolfBull”.

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