Visual Creative Portfolio

Creativity is not something that can be quantified, measured or certified. Artists and designers can show evidence of their creativity. I, however tend to fall into the role of “everything else” at the companies I work for; taking over (or being assigned) the randomness that everyone else either can’t do, or doesn’t want to bother learning how to do.

A regular resume doesn’t allow enough space to describe the bits ‘n’ pieces that go into being the “go-to-guy”.  I’ve compiled a series of photo/document collages from my various positions over the years and built a visual creative portfolio from them to try to show what is difficult to describe.

Mouse-over the “Visual Creative Portfolio” menu at the top to view each position in detail. You can also download the abbreviated version (just the splash pages) in the menu to the right, or the whole darned thing if you so choose.

If your internet connection isn’t loving the large pictures in the VCP, you can see a flash-version of it at:

Let me know what you think. Leave me a comment.

Thank you for your time,


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