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Who, What, When, Where, Why, How, Huh?


Ryan McDonald is a writer, actor, computer/web guy and producer of online content.

THIS SITE, (and the menu above) INCLUDES:

(ABOUT) Not-So-Generic “About” Page

No real useful information, but chock-full of
random interesting tidbits.

(WORK RESUME) My Resume in Text Format.

Positions, duties and skills; all laid out in
a format pleasing to the eye.

The Visual Creative Portfolio.

Since it's difficult to describe what I did at
all my various jobs and in my various projects,
I created a mashup of documents, photos and the
like to give you a better idea.

(NOW PLAYING) Where you can see me.

Links to my current online shows, podcasts and upcoming performance

(VIDEOS) Videos I’ve shot, edited and/or are in.

A sample of my video editing and hosting work from YouTube.

(WRITING) Samples of My Published Writing.

From both online and print; Where I've been published and how you can get
some samples of it.

(CONTACT INFO) How to Contact Me.

How to get in touch with me to learn more. (No stalking please...)
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